Welcome to The IdolFest Foundation

The IdolFest Foundation is bringing Japanese idol culture to North America.

Our purpose is to create educational gatherings that highlight Japanese idol culture and music. We bring our community together to learn and share our passion for idols; providing a venue for performers, panelists, and industry guests to share their knowledge.

We put on annual events to bring together individuals where we highlight important Japanese cultural traditions and share them with new audiences.

We currently produce NW IdolFest, located in Seattle, WA; and SC IdolFest, located in Torrance, CA.

I had picked up bits and pieces of idol culture where I could, but when I went to IdolFest, I learned so much fun stuff in a short time. It connected me with other fans, and it really helped bring my idol fandom into focus. I learned about fan culture through things like the wotagei panel and the chika idol panel; I learned about idol media in its larger context via the healing anime panel and the cities & transit panel; I got to dive into idols and identity via the LGBTQ+ idol panel; I got to meet and discuss my favorite idol franchise via the Love Live panels; and, of course, I got to see so many amazing performers I never expected to see live! Northwest IdolFest was a catalyst that helped me become an even bigger appreciator of idols than I ever was. - niconicorose, 2022 NWIF Attendee

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